AhnJen (JaeEun, Ahn )

E-mail | ahnjaen@naver.com
| jenholic@naver.com

I usually check more frequently the first e-mail.
However, please just feel free to drop me both e-mail..

ye I prefer to have coffee time with my friends.
I like...
Cup of coffee with croisant in Early morning time
Walking on the glass during daybreaktime

Usually I check e-mail at least 1 time per 2 days.
If you don't get a answer more than 3~4 days after,
your mail is probably filtered as spam accidently,
or I might be on travel.
Please, send your msg again.

I finished MA course in UK in Mar, 2008,
and am landing in somewhere at the moment^^!
These days, I'm falling in trees..leaves..
natural things to express in pretty size works.
Mixing photos and drawings is my prefer work as well..

If you have more questions, just drop me e-mail
I'm EASY GOING one!!!l
If I'm looked like fussy one, it's truly misunderstanding!!!

Possibility is everywhere

Using images or illustrations (whatever uproaded in here)
without consultation is prohibited